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27 - 30 NOV 2020, BOOTH NUMBER E5

 il Paparazzo - Tazio Secchiaroli &  Federico Fellini

Tazio Secchiaroli (Rome 1925-1998) photographer, starts out as a messenger and factotum at the International News Service agency in Rome, and then becomes a photographer at Porry Pastorel’s V.E.D.O.; in 1955 he sets up his own photojournalism agency: Roma’s Press Photo. Between 1955 and 1960 he is an assault photographer and takes the most iconic pictures of the period of the dolce vita. Thanks to his scoops he meets Fellini and collaborates with him during the filming of La Dolce Vita. In 1962 he leaves Roma’s Press Photo, becomes a freelance still photographer on movie sets. He is always present on the sets of Federico Fellini and Sophia Loren, whose personal photographer he becomes from 1964 onwards, and he portrays the world of cinema behind the screen. For over 30 years he works for major film production companies. In the mid-eighties he retires from professional life; he dies on a summer night in 1998 in his home in Rome. Several exhibitions and books have been produced all over the world with his photographs

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