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Italian Arts Foundation was born to promote Italian art in the world, seen as a factor of social innovation and cultural development. Our mission is to encourage the creation of an integrated and synergic system that operates to favor the dissemination of Arts and its forms of expression. 
An excellent example is a system as a laboratory that combines Education, Training, Promotion, and Use of Art, with the main aim of facilitating the diffusion of the different languages of Arts. 
For each of the four lines of intervention identified - Education, Training, Promotion and Use - support for specific and pertinent system projects is envisaged, accomplished especially in conjunction with and according to the relative specializations of the main entities and institutions operating throughout the area. 
Italian Arts Foundation collaborates with many private collections and art institutions to promote unique and prestigious pieces of art. For instance, thanks to the collaboration with the "Private Collection Bellini", the Foundation has the exclusive worldwide mandate to represent this illustrious collection, available for special events in international museums or public and private organizations. The Bellini’s Collection brings together more than 800 great artworks collected for more than seven centuries by the most important Italian artists: Michelangelo, Tiziano, Valdambrino, Donatello, Rubens, Strozzi, Guidi, Raffaello, Guardi, Canaletto, De Chirico, Balla, Boccioni, Dalì.

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